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posted by Admin - 14th Aug 2013

We've made some major site improvements this week by upgrading to the latest and greatest version of Bootstrap.

If you notice anything a little off please let us know!


posted by Admin - 30th Jul 2013

Looking for reasons to register to the site? then check out this list of registered user features!

If you really want to get involved in the site's community a [more...]

posted by Admin - 2nd Jul 2013

Well, now the site's a week old we thought it's time to have a little look at how you've been using the site.

After some great feedback from Reddit's design_critiques subreddit there [more...]

posted by Admin - 21st Jun 2013

Today is the launch of Cloud Shapes a place to tell the world what it is you see in the sky!

We would appreciate you sending us any problems, feature requests or just some general f [more...]